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Why Tyler leaped head first into Energex's grad program ๐ŸŽ“

Energy Queensland

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Justin [00:00:00] So what specifically got you interested in working specifically at Energex?ย 

Tyler [00:00:05] So Energex also has what's called a vacation student programme. And that programme is more for students that are currently studying at university. So you can come on for three months into one of the teams in the business and get an idea of what they do there and what it's like to work there. So in 2020, I was actually a vacation student at Energex and I was working in an engineering team called Intelligent Grid New Technologies, and I was doing a bit of data analytics, making dashboards and that sort of thing. And over the three months there, I kind of, you know, formed a lot of friendships with people and saw how good the team culture was and what it was like to work there. And I really enjoyed it. And so that's also how I actually heard about the graduate programme. And yeah, I applied for the graduate programme. I was a successful applicant and that wasn't the only graduate programme that I was a successful applicant for, but I think, you know, the benefits and the culture at Energex was something that I just really enjoyed and that's why I decided to end up going there.ย