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Westpac Group

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees


I applied to Westpac Group as I felt it was a great place to start my career


  • I’m Praneet Namakal, a 2021 Graduate and part of the Finance & Accounting graduate program.
  • I studied a Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney and in my spare time I love playing sport.

Your Business Area

Explain what your business area does or their function within the group.

  • The Finance team spans across various divisions in Westpac and helps to manage the company’s performance and continuously works with different areas to both maintain and grow the business.


Why did you apply for a graduate role at Westpac Group, and why your chosen business area?

  • I applied to Westpac Group as I felt it was a great place to start my career. The company also provides a great culture to its employees, and it would allow me to make a tangible difference to everyday Australians. I decided on the Finance & Accounting Business area as I am interested in driving the strategic direction of the bank and making meaningful changes.


To date: please provide an overview of the rotation(s) you have completed and, if cross functional, which business areas/groups you have worked in

  • I am currently in my first rotation which is Finance Program & Change Delivery and it involved working alongside various Finance & Technology teams. The role requires engagement with stakeholders across the business to transfer information but also to ensure requirements and timelines are met for the projects in the bank.


To date: has there been a project you have been involved in that you found particularly exciting or engaging?

  • Due to an upcoming deadline, we had graduates from different teams come across to one external area and assisted them in completing their task. For me, this was a very exciting opportunity where I got the chance to work with different people across the business and make a valuable contribution which led to the completion of the project on time.

Graduate Program

So far, what has been the highlight of the graduate program?

  • The highlight of the graduate program so far has been meeting the many different and interesting people within Westpac.

Westpac Group Culture

What is one thing you love about Westpac Group?

  • My favourite aspect of the Westpac Group is the people that I have met and their willingness to help.

Our Values

Which of our five values – Helpful, Ethical, Leading Change, Performing and Simple – resonates with you most, in terms of your role as a Westpac Group Grad, and why?

  • The Ethical value resonates with me as I believe it is extremely important to preface decisions with this in mind because it leads to the best outcome for both the customers and the bank.

The Future

What role/area/project are you excited to get involved in post-Grad Program?

  • I am interested in applying my skills to strategy development to drive change in the bank as I believe it will be both engaging and rewarding.

For Uncommon Minds

What is unique about your ‘Uncommon Mind’?

  • I’m a Finance & Accounting Grad but I am someone who is very physically active.

To Wrap Up

Please describe your business area in three words.

  • Stakeholders, Value, Change

Please sum up your Grad experience (to date) in three words.

  • Unique, Challenging, Rewarding.