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Ergon Energy Network | Energex

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Sustainability at Ergon Energy Network | Energex

8.6 rating for Sustainability, based on 9 reviews
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Efforts made to increase renewable energy penetration and reduce diesel generation in remote communities.
Graduate, Cairns
The company has a strong focus on environmental friendliness and respect towards cultural heritage. This is reflected by the actions, words and people of this organisation.
Graduate, Brisbane
Conversions to paperless work, recycling, ecofriendly cars,
Midlevel, Brisbane
There are projects looking into reducing mineral oil in transformers and using vegetable oil. Reducing the footprint of the offices - margining different locations together in one location. Trying to help all green energy solutions connect to our network, doing their best to ensure as much distributed renewables can be connected.
Graduate, Rockhampton
Don't hear as many good stories as bad ones but good news doesn't travel as fast as rumours. Recycling bins available but apparently gets emptied into waste bins anyway.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Situated in locations that are close to public transport and changing over our fleet cars to electric vehicles.
Graduate, Brisbane