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Ergon Energy Network | Energex

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Job Satisfaction at Ergon Energy Network | Energex

9.5 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 11 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Power system modelling, testing and integration of renewable technologies on the grid.
Graduate, Cairns
Day to day responsibilities change with each rotation, as they are all in completely different areas. I have been involved with design projects, completed customer connection assessments, worked out in substations with field crews and investigated plant failures.
Graduate, Rockhampton
currently in strategy, modelling network forecasts and helping plan the future network. Dealing with lots of emerging technologies issues.
Graduate, Cairns
I find I undertake both operational and strategic work to improve power quality and reliability in QLD
Midlevel, Brisbane
My day to day responsibilities in my current role include but are not limited to; load transfers - ensuring ratings are not exceeded, protection reach checks - ensuring transferred feeders will be adequately protected, voltages are within the defined limits - and whether LV or HV generation is needed. Detailed contingency planning for substations, including HV generation contingencies.
Graduate, Rockhampton
Interesting, varying work with lots to learn and good support from supervisor & team
Midlevel, Brisbane
Meetings, site visits, consulting the Australian Standards and influencing decisions
Graduate, Brisbane